Community Outreach

Reverse Mainstreaming

Morgan Autism Center is very proud of our reverse mainstreaming program and the partnerships we have with private schools throughout the Bay Area who participate in it. Because Morgan Autism Center is a school and adult day program serving only individuals who are impacted by autism and other developmental disabilities, we understood early on in our program development that meaningful interaction with neurotypical peers was needed. Beginning with the St. Nicholas school in Los Altos in the late 1980s, students began coming to Morgan Autism Center on a regular basis to participate in games, interaction and lessons with our students and adults. Our program has expanded and evolved over many years. What started as a way to provide our students and adults with meaningful interaction and modeling developed into a program that also provides mainstream school students with an education on autism, neurodiversity, and new experiences in community involvement and friendship.

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Three photos showing community volunteers helping special needs kids and adults
Special Needs Group in Reverse Mainstreaming Program

First Responder Trainings

Morgan Autism Center has been leading regular autism training for first responders since 2010. These trainings now educate approximately 800 individuals per year and are just one of the important ways we support our community. Individuals trained include law enforcement officers, fire fighters, emergency dispatch, correctional officers, park rangers, and paramedics. These trainings can include a lecture and/or a campus visit. First responder training is focused on identifying an individual with autism and de-escalating challenging situations in order to improve interactions and outcomes.
Group of First Responders in the Bay Area

Special Education Consultation Services

Morgan Autism Center is available for consultation to schools, districts and other service providers. Services can range from full implementation of our classroom model across multiple age levels, to individual consultation directed at better serving a student or client. Morgan Autism Center has successfully collaborated with multiple organizations to better serve their students.
Special needs student consultation at the Morgan Center

Community Voices

“Interacting and bonding with the autistic teenagers was a moving experience that I have cherished. Spending time with them and getting to know each individual was a lot of fun, and we mutually never failed to put smiles on each others’ faces.”

Annie Gallivan, student at St. Nicholas School

Community Voices

“There is not a time when I do not leave the Morgan Autism kids without a lump in my throat. It is truly a spiritual experience.”

Liz Fraiser, parent of a St. Nicholas School’s student, who organizes reverse mainstreaming field trips

Community Voices

“On behalf of the Mountain View Fire Department, I was to thank you for your generosity and expertise. Taking time from your week to present to us on the very important topic of autism, the broad spectrum, and the impact to individuals and families in an experience very well received. … The crews have given tremendous positive feedback from your presentation, saying it was some of the best training they have had.”

Alicia M. Henson, EMS Coordinator of Mountain View Fire Department

Community Voices

“The Morgan Autism Center program manager and specialists involved in consulting with the Santa Cruz County Office of Education Programs and district classrooms are the best I have experienced in my twenty-three years in education.”

Hal Ledbetter, retired senior special education director for the Santa Cruz County Office of Education

Community Voices

“The result of the staff training that you (MAC) did was an increased comfort level and better understanding for the autistic community as a whole and a greater level of understanding for the visitors who came through our doors.”

Donna Butcher, Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose Business Development Manager

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