World Music

Adult Program staff, Gus, presented music from Norway this month. Our clients learned about a special instrument called the Bukkehorn. The Bukkehorn is an ancient Scandinavian musical instrument made from the horn of a ram or goat.

Gus also presented music for Women’s History Month. The clients listened to music by talented women such as Helen Reddy, Ella Fitzgerald, and Carole King.

St. Patrick’s Day

On St. Patrick’s Day, the Adult Program played one of the program’s favorite games, Bingo. Virtual Bingo has been a real hit throughout distance learning. Adult Program staff, Aya, wore her pretty green mask so she didn’t get pinched by a leprechaun.

The School Program also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by taking virtual field trips to Ireland and listening to Irish music. Students from Room 4 learned cool facts about the holiday like how long it has been celebrated and some traditional St. Patrick’s Day recipes.

Interactive Zoom Sessions

This month, Room 5 went over the equipment and tools that are used in a doctor’s office. During this Zoom session, their students participated by answering questions interactively on the screen. This is done through a screen share between the students and staff. Room 5 teacher, Heather, asked questions such as, “Where do you stand to record your weight?” Our students were then able to navigate the screen and answer the questions on their own.

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