Morgan Autism Center Student making artAt first, we were challenged to find an activity that Asa fully enjoyed and would participate in for a 15-minute work session. During his first art therapy class, art therapist, Nicole Ferguson, introduced a mixed media art project to students.

Students were given a template, oil pastels, and watercolors with which to work.

Asa was reluctant to sit down as the staff modeled for him how to use each of the art materials. Teachers assisted Asa on how to hold the brush, dip it in the cup of water, then into the watercolors and finally onto the paper. As soon as Asa held the brush and painted a brush stroke, a calm came over him. He immediately took to painting. Art materials, like paint, can feel soothing to our students. This soothing effect has helped make a huge impact on Asa’s level of calmness.

He shows focus and concentration that we were not able to tap into with other activities. Now we use painting and finger-paints to help him focus and get ready for his work sessions. We are so grateful to have discovered how art sessions are benefiting Asa in his growth, learning, and for his enjoyment.

Written by Claudine Pitpitan, Room 2 Teacher