IMG_2460Hannah has been attending Morgan Autism Center for three years. Since that time, she has blossomed into a charming and endearing member of the school. Through the support of our staff, Hannah has grown into a social and joyful young woman and she will take every opportunity to tell you. Hannah’s physical capabilities and balance have increased with daily P.E. and walks in the community and Guadalupe River Park. She is also a talented bowler.

Hannah is outgoing and inquisitive. She loves to ask questions about what someone did last night and continues to increase her conversational skills almost every day. This year, Hannah was the star of our Variety Show, Hannah has positive interactions with her peers. She is tickled by their actions and successes. Today she commented to a fellow student, “You’re my best friend.” They like to do math together. Hannah will also request a math worksheet when she does a good job at a task.

Hannah is delightful. Her sweet personality and beaming smile lights up the room and fills your heart with joy. Hannah’s compliments make the staff and students feel special. She likes to sing songs from the movie “Frozen.” The first time she sang “Let it Go,” her voice was very soft. Each year, her voice gets louder/clearer and her confidence grows. She is no longer apprehensive about getting on stage. She just loves to show her stuff!