Chris became part of the Adult Program in 2006. He has a great sense of humor and often likes to stump others when playing games, or yawns on purpose to make others yawn which makes all the peers around him laugh. Chris loves to tell jokes and do magic tricks to entertain his peers and staff. He is a great game player and always looks forward to playing Monopoly, Take Off, and Uncle Wiggly with a group of friends. It can be a rowdy group with lots of laughter and mischief.

Recently Chris has become interested in doing crossword puzzles. He was extremely proud of completing his first puzzle and really excited to show his mother who also does crossword puzzles. During his free time, Chris likes to do art. He prefers to draw with colored pencils over painting. At art enrichment each week, he takes his time drawing favorite subjects like the Blue Angels, basketball and his favorite, the Titanic. Last year Chris was part of the group who made the beautiful vases for Starry Starry Starry Night.

In addition, Chris likes to shoot baskets and play catch with his friends and staff. He is truly an avid sports fan and cheers on the A’s, Giants, and Sharks, but especially Steph Curry and the Warriors. During the Warriors’ winning streak last year, he wrote a letter to Steph Curry and enclosed a hand drawn picture of Steph shooting baskets. Chris is predicting another championship this season. We know that if Chris is tired while at program, there must have been an exciting game on TV the night before.