By Sue Taylor, Adult Program Director

Once in a great while, we have to say goodbye to one of our beloved clients. One client, Wanda Wolfe, began her journey with us in 1972, when she was 7 years old. This past summer, she moved with her mother, Donna, to Mariposa, California. As a baby, Wanda was first thought to be deaf. She then learned a few words, but around 15 months, she seemed to lose what little speech she had. At about five, she began speaking, but then only one or two words for several years. Throughout those early years at Morgan Autism Center, Wanda’s speech improved dramatically. She was able to communicate and express herself through drawing.


Wanda-Age 7: Young and full of energy, Wanda began her journey at Morgan Autism Center in 1972, Palo Alto, CA.

As Wanda grew up, it was apparent that she was a gifted artist and photographer. In the School and Adult Program, it became important to help support her budding talent along the way. Wanda is very patient as she captures each and every detail of her subject. Wanda does nothing by halves and her artwork is no exception. Over the years, Wanda’s art has been showcased and sold at Morgan Autism Center’s Annual Starry Starry Night Fundraising Gala.

Many people at Morgan Autism Center have been here for years and have had the pleasure of knowing Wanda, watching her develop into a lovely, caring person who loves people and thoroughly enjoys her opportunities to chat with others.
We all look forward to hearing about Wanda’s latest artistic endeavors. We will miss her kindness and wish her well.

Wanda Wolfe

44 Years Later: Helping with trail maintenance with the Adult Program at Guadalupe Creek.