Room 6 Visits Rancho San Antonio

Volunteer work is something many of Students Visit Rancho San Antonioour students and clients take a lot of pride in doing. Throughout the month, students and clients have regularly scheduled outings with our different community partners. In this picture, you can see one of our students from our Room 6 classroom visiting and working at Rancho San Antonio where they do work such as raking leaves and feeding some of the friendly animals.

Adult Program Honored for Volunteerism at Hidden Villa Farm

Earlier this month, staff at Hidden Villa Farm thanked many of our Adult Program clients for their hard work this past year with a special Volunteer Luncheon. Many of our clients and staff have volunteered at Hidden Villa 2-3 times a week for several years. They help keep the farm clean and safe for visitors and campers. We are so proud of their dedication and our partnership that has lasted 30 strong years!

Morgan Autism Center Artists

Artists live AuctionHere at Morgan Autism Center, students and clients participate in weekly art therapy classes. While they flex their creative muscles, they’re also working on a variety of skills that help increase independence, regulate emotion and improve communication. Lately, many of our students and clients, clients like Mishal, have been enjoying their time preparing beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces for our upcoming Starry Starry Night fundraising gala. Make sure to follow us on social media to see videos of them working on their masterpieces.

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