Practicing PPE Protocol

Our classrooms have been reviewing the safety protocols we need to take during COVID. Selah, in Room 7, showed her class how to properly wear a mask when around others or going out into the community. Great job, Selah!

Virtual Field Trip to Yellowstone National Park

The Adult Program took a virtual excursion to Yellowstone National Park this month. Clients learned about the diverse wildlife, the different safety signs displayed around the park, and the importance of Park Rangers. They even had the chance to watch the geyser, Old Faithful, erupt!



 Cooking Garlic Noodles with Ron 

School Program staff member, Ron, made a video for Room 2 making one of his favorite dishes:  garlic noodles. Ron did a great job making the video fun and entertaining. His tutorial was such a hit, students from other classrooms joined the fun! Sophia, one of our students from Room 8, had a great time following along at home and the end result was delicious. Click HERE to watch Ron’s video!

Cooking with Room 2
Student cooking during Distance Learning.


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