Dear Friend,Holiday Card 2019_inside

This year has been one of reflection and celebration for us as we mark 50 years of serving individuals with autism and the larger community. We can’t help but reflect on our beginnings – from serving 4 students in a single rented classroom, to how far we’ve come – a renowned program serving 118 individuals with autism and many more through community outreach. As we reflect on the past, we proudly celebrate the uniqueness of those we serve and the achievements we have accomplished together.

Angel came to us in 1986 when he was 8. His educational experience up to that point was anything but happy. He was misdiagnosed and placed in a class that wasn’t appropriate for him. Language barriers exacerbated his inability to communicate and often resulted in strong reprimands from teachers and suspensions from school. This caused many tearful mornings before the bus pick up as Angel was terrified to go to school. Knowing that his needs were not met, his parents sought out Morgan Autism Center.

Thirty-three years later, Angel is a happy member of a special community. He has learned how to communicate his needs, formed long-lasting friendships and looks forward to coming to the program every day. He loves shooting hoops in P.E. and going on outings as part of our Community Integration Program. As part of that program, he volunteers at the Hidden Villa farm and Waldorf School where he gardens and participates in reverse mainstreaming. He enjoys watching and discussing sports and moving his body in dance and music classes. Angel has been able to blossom because of the support and individualized attention provided by our program.

Over the past 50 years, we have helped many individuals like Angel. His 33 years of success are a testament to the power of our programming. As we reflect on the past we can’t help but think of the future. Morgan Autism Center is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment for those in need but we can’t do it alone. We hope you will help us further our mission by making a generous donation during this holiday season.

With genuine gratitude,

Brad Boardman
Executive Director