Dear Friend,

When the pandemic hit in March, Morgan Autism Center quickly transformed our renowned program to
make it accessible through distance learning. While the days look quite different now, they still adhere to
the Morgan Autism Center philosophy and provide a program with the high level of engagement and care our
students and clients require: students like Maria. 

Maria joined us when she was just 6 years old. Her parents were drawn to the individualized and inclusive model provided by Morgan Autism Center. In her previous program, it was apparent that Maria needed more support than she was receiving. As a nonverbal child, Maria struggled to communicate her needs, wants and feelings which caused her great frustration. Over time, her happy, carefree spirit began to fade. Her parents were devastated and became determined to find a program that would meet Maria’s unique needs. 

At Morgan Autism Center, Maria was immersed in a program that celebrated her uniqueness and provided the support she deserved. She and her family immediately felt at home. Technology was utilized to address her communication challenges and her learning accelerated. She made friends, learned how to read, type and tell time.
She now loves school and her happy, carefree spirit is restored. 

Since March, Maria has been engaged in our distance learning program. She looks forward to school and enjoys seeing her teachers and friends. Maria’s mom reports that her continued progress is due in part to the compassion and respect her teachers show her. This respect can be exemplified by their efforts to explain to Maria and her classmates how and why the world has changed over the past 7 months. 

As we continue through this pandemic and navigate a safe return, we remain committed to providing the best programming possible for the students and clients we serve. We hope you will consider supporting our mission by making a generous donation during this holiday season. 

With sincere gratitude,

Executive Director,
Brad Boardman