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Morgan Autism Center Communications

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San Jose, Dec. 10, 2013–A professional non-profit organization to promote speech and hearing to children and adults with communication and related challenges will award Morgan Autism Center a top honor award during its annual state convention dinner Friday, March 28.

“Congratulations! The California Speech-Language-Hearing Association State Nominating Committee has awarded you one of its highest honors that the association can bestow. You have been awarded Program of the Year,” CSHA President Anne Delfosse wrote in a letter received Friday.

The Program of the Year Award honors a single speech-language pathology or audiology program that is exemplary in its service to clients and families and to the field of communicative disorders. It is intended to honor programs, which have made a significant contribution in one or more of the following areas:

  • Outstanding clinical services
  • Use of innovative service delivery models
  • Coordination of related services for program effectiveness
  • Use of innovative techniques in service delivery
  • And/or service which has resulted in research beneficial to the field.

“Our 15-year-old son, who struggles with severe autism and is non-verbal, is beginning his fifth year at the Morgan Autism Center,” Paolo Luna and Brad Davenport wrote in their letter dated Sept. 12, 2013. “When Cameron started at MAC, he was an angry and sometimes violent 10 year old who was frustrated because he could not communicate his wants and needs. … With patience and perseverance, they insisted Cameron use the (speech) device to state his wants and needs instead of using non-verbal gestures, tantrums and violence. We witnessed first-hand, in an out of the classroom, our child transform from a frustrated boy to a calm and happy child who felt heard.”