Room 8 is a post-secondary, community and vocationally based classroom. The curriculum focuses on functional academics, community integration, group cooperation and vocational work. We have a weekly rotation of activities led by our instructional aides, that follow a weekly theme. Students may have an art project, science class, or cooking class, depending on the day. The curriculum also offers a CBI time (Community Based Instruction) that focuses on either a classroom store or going grocery shopping out in the community for the classes’ snacks and lunches.

During our current events activity, “Today’s News,” students read an article aboutIMG_2858 current events and answer questions or engage in activities based on the article. Campus Cleanup is where students practice different vocational skills like sweeping and recycling cans to help keep our campus clean.

Our class has always provided a school-wide laundry service for the classrooms. Students take laundry to the laundry mat, they fold the laundry and return it to the correct classroom. We have partnered with Gold Rush Eatery at Sunken Gardens Golf Course in Sunnyvale restocking straws, condiments, and wiping down tables. At this level, students are being encouraged to be as independent as possible.

In the classroom, we teach safety skills in the kitchen as well as who are safe people we can go to for help such as teachers or police. With the support of the teachers and instructional aides, students are practicing and learning independent living skills, vocational skills and safety skills that will benefit them for their upcoming transition: graduating, moving on to an adult day program, and becoming a contributing member of the community.