Adult Client sisters at Morgan Autism CenterKatie and Molly are sisters who have been a part of the Morgan Autism Center Adult Program since the early 2000’s. They have very different interests and therefore very different program schedules. Katie happily joins her groups each day. She looks forward to swinging and going on walks at the park, or at the mall if it is raining. While on campus, she enjoys working on her favorite puzzles, listening to her favorite Dr. Seuss stories, singing and happily clapping to her favorite songs in music group.

Molly is a very sociable person who takes great joy in acting as the hostess of the program when visitors come through. She likes to make people feel welcomed and takes pride showing them around and helping in any way she can. Out in the community, Molly enjoys her visits to a local nursing home where she likes to pass out prizes to the winners of the bingo game. She is also involved in our Community Integration Program where she joins a peer group at the Community School of Music and Art in Mountain View. Molly takes a dance/movement class as well as a music class where she happily follows the teacher’s instructions to play songs on the xylophone.

Though their interests are different, they do share a wicked sense of humor and get a sense of joy in playfully teasing the staff. Before they leave Program, they let the staff know they are going home to have a “Diet Coke.”

By Sue Taylor, Adult Program Director and Flo Fuller, CIP Director