First Responders. Students at Morgan Autism CenterIt can be a little intense to have 120 officers and other personnel step onto our campus to take a tour. But this is one of the great things about the Morgan Autism Center staff. Everyone understands that it is our mission to create a positive environment, and therefore, a community for people with autism. Our program directors get involved in leading the tours, our teachers and instructional staff welcome the visitors into their classrooms, to give them first-hand observational experience.

Occasionally, our visitors will see a student who is having a difficult time. While it is not our desire to have any of our students or clients experience distress, these moments are extremely instructive for our visitors, providing them with a chance to observe the students and how our staff support them. For many of our first responders, the experience of a visit makes the theoretical real. First responders feel more prepared in the field to make sound decisions to serve our community and individuals on the spectrum.

By Brad Boardman,  Executive Director