Dear Friends, 

This year, Morgan Autism Center celebrates our achievements in serving students and clients through the pandemic. While we are very proud of our distance programming during school and adult program shut-downs, we are simply elated about our success in getting those we serve back to campus early and safely. Our students and clients are elated too! Morgan Autism Center provides critically needed and tailored support, structure, and a culture of positivity allowing those we serve to learn, socialize and succeed. There is simply no substitute for being together. 

Julian is a perfect example of the joy we are all feeling this holiday season. Julian’s photo says it all. He is absolutely overjoyed to be back on campus amongst his longtime friends and a community that cares deeply for him. When asked how he felt to be back on campus, Julian replied, “I think I’d say that I felt absolutely happy!” 

Julian joined the Morgan Autism Center in 2012. A lifelong lover of animals (canines in particular), Julian’s artwork for this year’s card is called Winter Fox. This piece was created using pencil, black ink, pastels and a technique Julian calls “messy coloring,” an apt description given the qualities of pastels! His affection for animals is apparent in the care Julian took in creating this adorable fox.  

Life back on campus is rich with fun and educational activities, friends and special interests such as music. Julian has an eclectic taste and can tell you all kinds of interesting details about his favorite songs. His knowledge ranges from oldies to new wave synth-pop like New Order and Hot Chip. During Friday music, Julian especially enjoys choosing a special song and introducing it to the crowd before giving the go-ahead to hit play! Quite often he will watch the crowd enjoy his chosen tune from the stage and dance along. 

As Morgan Autism Center continues to tackle the ongoing challenges of the pandemic and the dire community need to serve this vulnerable population, your support is more vital than ever. Please consider showing your support for our crucial mission of maximizing the potential of our students and clients in a dignified, positive and loving environment by making a generous donation to Morgan Autism Center this season.

With heartfelt gratitude, 


Executive Director,
Brad Boardman