Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Morgan Autism Center?

Morgan Autism Center is a non-profit organization for adults and children with special needs located in the Bay Area. We operate both a non-public school and adult day program on our campus in San Jose, CA.

What population do you serve?

Morgan Autism Center serves a group of 68 students (ages 5 – 22) and 50 adult clients (ages 22+). All of our students and clients are significantly impacted by their disability (primarily autism). Communication and social challenges are universal, and many in our population are non-verbal. Our students and clients all have behavioral challenges that require consistent, structured support and a positive interaction style from faculty.

Can I schedule a tour?
Yes! We are eager to share our school or adult program with prospective parents, district personnel, or other interested parties. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.
Are there volunteer opportunities at Morgan Autism Center?

We engage with several types of volunteer groups:

  • Professional groups (e.g., Apple, Stantec, the Sharks Foundation, and the 49ers Community Relations…, etc.) contributing community outreach time for physical projects on our school site
  • Supervised visits from school programs to participate in reverse mainstreaming with our students and interactive activities with our adult clients
  • Long-term, scheduled volunteers in the classroom or adult program (volunteers must be 18 years old and are interviewed and screened in a manner similar to our regular staff)
  • Volunteer opportunities to assist with the planning and execution of fundraising events

For more information, please reach us at [email protected].

For high school students looking for community service hours, please contact Aya Sasaki at [email protected]

School Progam Questions

What is an NPS?
NPS stands for “non-public school.” There is a common misconception that this means we are a private school. We are a non-profit organization that provides highly specialized services for students with significant special needs who are referred to us by public school districts in the bay area. Unlike private schools, an NPS receives funding from the school districts rather than individuals. We are fully accredited by the California Department of Education.
How do I enroll my special needs student at Morgan Autism Center?
All students are placed through a collaboration with Morgan Autism Center and that student’s school district and IEP team. When the IEP team determines alternative placement is appropriate, the school district sends a referral to us. All referrals are evaluated on an individual basis. Placement is subject to space being available in a classroom of an appropriate age range and a determination by Morgan Autism Center administrators and teachers that the student is a suitable fit for the program.
Does Morgan Autism Center accept private pay?
All of our students are placed and paid for by their school districts. We do not consider private placement or payment.
What is the staff-to-student ratio at Morgan Autism Center?
All students placed at Morgan Autism Center require 1:1 support. Each classroom maintains this ratio, though students do rotate between staff within their classroom routinely throughout the day. Older classrooms focus more on transition skills, and may begin to reduce that ratio at specific times of the day.
How are classrooms configured?
Each of our 8 classrooms are grouped by age range and serve 8 – 10 students. Students rotate between staff every 15 minutes for individual work sessions or group activities. Each staff member has an individual work space to help promote student focus. Individual sessions are generally aligned with that student’s IEP goals. Each day follows the same routine to provide predictability and structure for our students.
What is the course of study for students at Morgan Autism Center?
All classrooms focus on a functional skills-based curriculum, individualized for each student’s needs. Ongoing development of functional communication skills is central to all instruction and interaction. Academic topics are addressed through concrete, functional activities. All students at Morgan Autism Center receive a Certificate of Completion when special education services end at 22 years old.
What supplementary services are available at Morgan Autism Center?

Individual Speech and Language services are provided in class to each student daily. Communication support and development is provided throughout the day and across environments. Individual Occupational Therapy (OT) services are also available, contingent on the student’s IEP. OT services are generally provided in our OT gym. Please see our program description for more information.

Adult Progam Questions

How do I enroll my adult client at Morgan Autism Center?
Clients are referred to our adult program by their regional center case worker. Each referral is reviewed by our Adult Program Directors and administrative staff. Placement is subject to space available and a determination by Morgan Autism Center administrators and directors that the client is a suitable fit for the program.
Does Morgan Autism Center accept private pay?
Adult clients are paid for by their regional center. We do not consider private placement or payment.
What is the staff-to-client ratio at Morgan Autism Center’s Adult Program?
The adult program has a 3:1 ratio (3 clients:1 staff). Clients rotate between activity groups.
How is the Adult Program Structured?
The Adult Program follows a routine daily schedule with different functional skill-based activities planned throughout the day, including art, cooking, and gardening. Our Community Integration Program incorporates outings and engagement with community members, including volunteer and work-related activities.

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