About Our Adult Day Program

Program Description and Structure

Our Adult Program was founded in 1985 and has evolved over the years and now serves 50 clients participating in a wide range of engaging and enriching activities throughout the day. We believe in creating ample opportunities for continued learning to support our adults under the Morgan Autism Center model.

Our Adult Program is designed with a 3:1 client-to-staff ratio. Clients range in age from 22 to 60 years old. Each day follows a predictable schedule with various activities that rotate on a weekly basis. Though we maintain the 3:1 ratio throughout the day, we often have groups of 6 or 9 clients working on the same activity. Staff are trained to teach functional and social skills to our clients throughout the day. Our clients rotate between staff and spend time with different groups of their peers.

Bay Area Comprehensive Autism Program for Adults
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Behavioral Philosophy

Our program follows the Morgan Autism Center Model, with a focus on respectful and positive interactions. Though all of our clients have behavioral challenges, our staff and directors work to provide the support and individualized guidance required to enable all participants to be successful and remain safe. We pride ourselves on knowing our clients well and providing support in a proactive way. Staff members do not use limit setting language such as “no,” “stop,” or “I don’t like that.” We believe that positive interactions lead to the creation of an environment that is respectful and dignified. Please see our Who We Are page for more information.


Activities are designed to be meaningful and accessible to the range of abilities of each client. Simplified directions, visuals, schedule review, and physical or modeling support are just some of the ways we adapt activities to be achievable and enjoyable for all. Each participant has the prerogative to choose from the activities that are available, though we encourage routine participation to develop skills and meaningful relationships.

Our program is constantly evolving based on the interests of our current group of clients and the different skills and perspectives of our talented staff members. Activities are designed to maintain and reinforce academic foundations that have been developed in the client’s previous school program.

Regularly Scheduled Activities Include:


Art Projects

Academic maintenance
Interactive games
Pre-vocational skills development
Special needs adult gardening with teacher

Physical activity is integrated into our program for 30 minutes each day. While some clients prefer to walk, others enjoy doing yoga, playing soccer or basketball, riding bikes, or using the exercise equipment in our PE room. Morgan Autism Center believes in the value of staying active and fit and recognizes exercise’s contribution towards self-regulation. We encourage our clients to find fun ways to stay healthy.

What Our Families and Community Partners Say

“The level of acceptance, inclusion and coping with the effects of disabilities at Morgan Autism Center is phenomenal!”

Margaret Pfister, parent of Adult Program client Ellen

What Our Families and Community Partners Say

“At Morgan Autism Center, we don’t stick out; we blend in. I can’t begin to express to each of you how nice it is to simply blend in and be accepted and loved unconditionally. The Morgan Autism Center staff and community gives our family this gift and we are so grateful to each of them and the donors who make this happen for our family and families like ours.”

Daren Tuchman, parent of Adult Program client Jack

What Our Families and Community Partners Say

“I am very proud to be connected with Morgan Autism Center, an organization where people give their hearts and time to help others have a happy, fulfilling life.”

George Ratermann, president of Ratermann Manufacturing, Inc.

Community Integration Program

Embedded in our Adult Program is the Community Integration Program (CIP). This program serves adult program clients who have the interest and requisite skills to engage in various community activities. Like our adult program activities, these outings are constantly evolving. Examples of common activities and destinations include gardening at Hidden Villa and the Waldorf School, volunteering at Guadalupe River Park (grounds clean-up), trips to the recycling center to raise money for charities, participation in a speech pragmatics group at SJSU, and classes at the Community School for Music and Arts. These outings are structured and designed to empower our clients to contribute and participate in community life. The ongoing safety of our staff and clients is paramount, and potential CIP participants are considered with this in mind. As with our on-site adult program, CIP maintains a 3:1 ratio and adheres to the Morgan Autism Center model.

Volunteer Program

We host community volunteers on a regular basis from private schools and colleges. Groups of our clients spend time with these visitors enjoying some of the activities listed above. These interactions create special connections between participants, and help to advance our mission of community integration.
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Enrollment Information

Referrals to our program are generated by the client’s regional center case worker. Each referral is reviewed by the Adult Program and Community Integration Program directors and our administrative team. Prospective candidates must demonstrate the ability to care for themselves in the restroom with minimal supervision, integrate into a large group setting, and participate safely in groups of 3 or more. For more information, please contact us at info@morgancenter.org.Please visit our FAQ page for answers to some commonly asked questions.


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