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Administrative Team

Bay Area Special Needs School Executive Director Brad Boardman

Brad Boardman


About Brad

Brad’s career path was re-routed in 1995 when a friend asked him to be a substitute teacher at Morgan Autism Center. Once he discovered the close community, the wonderful personalities of the students and clients, and the friendly staff at Morgan Autism Center, it became clear that he needed to go back to school (again) for a special education credential.

Brad has a degree in English from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo and holds both a single subject credential and a moderate-severe education specialist credential. Brad has conducted numerous trainings for educators, parents, and law enforcement. He has also been active in facilitating our Reverse Mainstreaming Program.

Family, surfing and crocodile wrangling are all close to Brad’s heart.

Bay Area Special Needs School Program Director Mark Nielsen

Mark Nielsen


About Mark

Mark spent time working with the Children’s Health Council and doing in-home ABA therapy before applying for a position as an Instructional Aide at Morgan Autism Center in 2011. As he gained experience working with the youngest group of students, he fell in love with the culture and students. He went back to school in 2013 to earn his teaching credential and led an older classroom at Morgan Autism Center for several years as a head teacher. Mark began his administrative role as an Assistant Program Director in 2018. He brings his experiences as both an instructional aide and a teacher to the office, adding a valuable perspective to the administrative staff.
Bay Area Special Needs School Hailey Barker

Hailey Barker


About Hailey

Hailey Barker began working with school age students as a substitute teacher for the Hillsborough School District. After accepting an opportunity for a long-term sub position at South elementary, she discovered her passion for working with students with special needs. She developed a joy for supporting families and thinking outside of the box to teach and engage students with autism and provide access for learning for all students. She went back to school in 2013 to earn her teaching credential, where she learned about the Morgan Autism Center. She began as an intern teacher for a younger classroom at Morgan Autism Center and taught in multiple post-secondary classrooms as head teacher for five years. Hailey began her role in administration as an Assistant Program Director in 2019 and has brought her organizational skills, interpersonal communication style, and creative thinking to the administrative team.
Bay Area Special Needs School Admin Team Sun Garcia

Sun Garcia


About Sun

Sun joined the Morgan Autism Center family, as a teacher in 1997 teaching for six years, before she journeyed around the world returning as a Program Specialist and Consultant in 2008. She manages the collaboration with Santa Cruz County Office of Education in their adoption of the Morgan Autism Center model. This entails mentoring, training, implementing structural components of the model, development of curriculum, behavioral support, and oversight of the model to fidelity.

When on site at Morgan Autism Center, Sun enjoys supporting teachers, staff and students with development of curriculum, instruction, administration, training and behavioral support. With a focus on a higher quality of life for students and clients, Sun continues to embrace the idea of lifelong education for all as she teaches the skills our students and clients need, in the most functional and practical form, with love and kindness.

Bay Area Special Needs School Office Manager Sally Hird

Sally Hird


About Sally

Sally has been a part of the Morgan Autism Center family for many years. Before joining the Admin team in 2015 , she worked in the classroom for 15 years. Sally was born in Serbia and is fluent in Serbian but since she grew up in Australia she speaks ‘Strine’ as well. She is a graduate of Monash University , Melbourne Australia and loves cryptic crosswords and reading.
Bay Area Special Needs School Development Director Lisa Lemke

Haley Sepulveda


About Haley

Haley joined MAC in January 2020 working as an Instructional Aide in the school program. She is a California State University, Monterey Bay graduate. There she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology.

She enjoys working for Morgan Autism Center because the students and staff are so kind and welcoming. It’s an overall loving environment that she’s blessed to be a part of. In her free time, she loves to coach volleyball, visit the beach, and enjoys a good nap.

Bay Area Special Needs School Administrative Associate Amy Horan

Amy Horan


About Amy

Amy first started at the Morgan Autism Center back in 1998.  She left in 2000 to work for a family member, but returned in 2004, and has remained since. After working as an instructional aide for 14 years, Amy started working in the office as the Administrative Associate in 2018, and feels blessed to be part of the Morgan Autism Center community for so long now.
Bay Area Special Needs School Program Nicole Ferguson

Nicole Ferguson


About Nicole

Nicole Ferguson is a BFA graduate of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She studied illustration, design, painting, and sculpture. During her last semester, Nicole visited an art studio for adults with special needs. At that point, her career completely changed.

By divine intervention, Nicole met Morgan Autism Center’s then Executive Director, Jennifer Sullivan. Immediately Jennifer asked Nicole if she could teach students how to paint because they just lost their art therapist and would she be interested in a job in their Art Enrichment Program.

Over 9 years, Nicole has had the privilege of teaching art to our clients and students. She is passionate about helping them cultivate their artistic skills as well as supporting their development through adaptive art curriculum. Nicole is also a part of the administration team, using her creative and administrative talents to further Morgan Autism Center’s mission. When she has free time, Nicole spends it with family, gardening, and spoiling her Boston Terrier, Puka.

Eric Santiago


About Eric

Eric is the newest addition to our admin team. He joined MAC in July 2021 working as our Facilities Technician. Eric is a San Jose native, and appreciates giving back to his community.
He enjoys working at Morgan Autism Center because he likes to help others, as well as make a change. In his free time, he likes to sing, create music, and be active.

Teaching Team

Bay Area Special Needs School Teacher Kristin Schaefer

Rob McPhee


About Rob

Rob has been with the Morgan Center for over 14 years!   Originally a theatre geek with a B.A in Technical Theatre and Design from San Francisco State Universtiy, as well as 5+ years of professional stage management experience, Rob landed at the Morgan Center completely by chance!  He fell in love with the students, the culture, the climate and the sense of family at MAC.  Having worked as an Instructional Aide, Rob is excited to have taken on a lead teaching role while he pursues his credential in special education.  In his free time, Rob loves cooking, being creative, and video/board gaming.  He is also happily partnered to his wonderful husband who he has been with for over 16 years.

Bay Area Special Needs School Teacher Claudine Pitpitan

Claudine Pitpitan


About Claudine

Claudine graduated from San Jose State University with a BA in Art before pursuing a credential in special education. She is passionate about teaching and has been working at Morgan Autism Center for over 20 years. Claudine enjoys traveling, art, photography, music, nature, and food.

Julie Asamoto


About Julie

Julie was born in the San Francisco Bay Area, and received her degrees from UC Riverside, and San Jose State University. She has a Multiple Subject Bilingual Cross-cultural Credential in Spanish, as well as a Severely Handicapped Credential. Julie started out her teaching career working in Bilingual classrooms in Riverside, California, and in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Upon return from Mexico, Julie began working as an Instructional Aide at Morgan Autism Center, found it was a job she truly connected with and loved, and decided to move into a teaching position. After her initial 6 years at Morgan Autism Center, Julie left her position for a job with Cirque du Soleil, which is a WHOLE different story! After living with and around the circus world for almost 5 years, Julie eventually returned to teach in autism classrooms in Orlando, Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada, and for a Morgan Autism Center supported program for the County Office of Education in Santa Cruz, before returning to Morgan Autism Center in 2011.
Bay Area Special Needs School Teacher Anna Town

Anna Town


About Anna

Anna is a Southern California transplant who attended San Jose State University. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Adapted Physical Activity. Through her education, Anna volunteered with a number of organizations for people with disabilities and in doing so developed a passion for wanting to help others. Shortly after graduating, Anna applied as an instructional aide at the Morgan Autism Center in 2013. Her experience in the classroom with the students at Morgan Autism Center and her interest in autism led Anna to the decision to become a Special Education Teacher. She went back to school in 2016 to earn her teaching credential in Moderate/Severe Disabilities and is now a head teacher for young adults at the Morgan Autism Center. Anna provides educational opportunities for functional academics, life skills and social skills. She believes in creating a positive and supportive environment for the students. Anna brings her organizational skills to the classroom and prides herself on being a role model for her staff and students. In her free time Anna enjoys cooking, taking walks with her dog Dexter and spending time with friends and family.
Bay Area Special Needs School Teacher Heather McClimans

Heather McClimans


About Heather

Heather has been a team member at Morgan Center since 2013. She started out as a substitute, moved to an instructional aide position, and before too long she realized that Morgan Autism Center was more than just a job and began her journey of becoming a teacher. Heather has a background in Social Work. She has a desire to teach in a way that each student can learn and understand. She consistently strives to be creative, challenging, and trustworthy within her classroom to her students, student’s families, and staff.
Bay Area Special Needs School Teacher Jamilah Miller

Jamilah Miller


About Jamilah

After graduating from San Jose State University, Jamilah had her mind set on going back to school to become a social worker. She was a Certified Nurse’s Assistant and worked with the elderly population with dreams to work with children. In 2014 she began working at Morgan Autism Center where she fell in love with working with students and their families to support their education and overall functionality within the community. With the support of other teachers and administrators, she decided to go back to school in 2017 to obtain her Moderate/Severe Teaching Credential. She currently enjoys working with her students who range in age from 13-18 years old. Her goal in teaching is to support each student to become an active member of their community and be as independent as they can be.
Bay Area Special Needs School Teacher Shaila Prabhu

Shaila Prabhu


About Shaila

Shaila began her career teaching college students courses in Business, Economics and Management in India before emigrating to the United States with her husband. She has always wanted to teach and came across an opportunity at Morgan Autism Center advertised in the classified section of the San Jose Mercury Newspaper. She interviewed for the position of an Instructional Aide and joined the program in August 2001. Her experience working with the students and staff led her to San Jose State University for her Special Education Credentials and she graduated with a Master’s in Special Education in June 2010. She has been the lead teacher in 2 different classrooms over the last 14 years. The school’s principles regarding working with the students, the staff support, and the culture at the school is why she has stayed in the only position that she has worked at in the United States. She enjoys her work and looks forward to being at work every day.
Bay Area Special Needs School Teacher Kristin Schaefer

Kristin Schaefer


About Kristin

Kristin grew up in Tucson Arizona and went to the University of Arizona for Elementary Education. She moved to San Jose in 2007 and has been working at the Morgan Autism Center ever since. Kristin received her masters in Special Education and enjoys cooking for her friends and family. She lives with her husband and 2 children.

Tyler Jakatis


About Tyler

Tyler has been working at Morgan Autism Center since 2004 and has been the P.E. coordinator for the past 11 years. Before that, he worked as an instructional aide in 3 different classrooms. As the adaptive PE coordinator, he works with every classroom on campus for 30 minutes a day facilitating yoga, bike riding, and adaptive sports.

In 2003, Tyler received a bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University in Child and Family Development. Following graduation, he worked as a 1-to-1 aide at a public high school with a student who had high functioning autism. Tyler then moved to San Jose and worked in a couple of different special education programs before coming to Morgan Autism Center.

Adult Program Team

Bay Area Special Needs School Adult Program Director Aya Sasaki

Aya Sasaki


About Aya

Aya Sasaki started working in the Adult Program in August 2008 as a skills trainer. Prior to joining Morgan Autism Center, she worked as an Events Coordinator and an art teacher at a children’s art studio. From her first day engaging with the clients at Morgan Autism Center, she knew it was where she wanted to pursue her career. She took the role as the Community Integration Program Coordinator in 2016 and has since moved on to taking the role as the Community Integration Program Director. As the director, Aya organizes and facilitates engaging and enriching community experiences for the Adult Program clients. In her free time she enjoys going to concerts and spending time with her dog Kuma.
Bay Area Special Needs School Development Associate Sara Cedano

Sara Cedano


About Sara

After graduating from Cal State Fullerton in 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Health Science, Sara was eager to start her career in the non-profit sector. Sara discovered Morgan Autism Center and joined the organization in 2018 where she started as a skills trainer in the Adult Program. She spent the next two years developing strong relationships with clients and a big love for the Morgan Autism Center community and mission. In her free time, Sara enjoys listening to live music, making people laugh, and spending time with her family.

Board of Directors

Tom Caulfield


About Tom

Tom has been associated with Morgan Autism Center since his son, Thomas, started attending in 2007. He has been a Board member since 2013 and has been the Board Chair since July 2021. Tom has been the Vice-Chairand is also a member of the Boards Recruitment Committee. His long-term term goals for Morgan Autism Center are to support its distance learning efforts, and to ensure that we only return to campus when it is safe to do so. His longer term goals revolve around program expansion.

Tom works at Twitter in the Supply Engineering organization and he and his family enjoy boating, hiking, biking and all things outdoors. 

Bay Area Special Needs School Board Lindley Zink

Christopher Escher


About Christopher

Christopher Escher is the father of Jonathan Escher, a Morgan Autism Center student since 2005. Sweet-tempered and non-verbal, Jonathan has blossomed under the caring professionalism of Morgan Autism Center staff. Of note, he has made special strides in self-help skills.

Christopher decided to join Morgan Autism Center’s Board of Directors in 2013 in an effort to assist with the marketing and communications functions at the school. As secretary of the board, Christopher is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of board documentation and reporting. He is also head of the Communications Committee.

Professionally, Christopher worked at Apple for 12 years in various communications roles. He completed his career there in 1996 as vice president of corporate communications. He also served in executive marketing roles at various high-tech start-ups, completing his business career at Google as Creative Director from 2000 to 2006. He attended Stanford University, where he received a BA in 1980 and master’s degree in English literature in 1981.

Bay Area Special Needs School Board Jeffrey Eaton

Jeffrey Eaton


About Jeffrey

Jeffrey Eaton has proudly served on the Morgan Autism Center Board of Directors since 2018. One of his favorite lifetime memories was touring the previous campus for the first time with Executive Director, Brad Boardman, and realizing that he had never been so close to so much selfless dedication and pure love in any environment. He knew immediately that Morgan Autism Center was a ‘lifetime’ connection for him.

As an Architect, Jeffrey brings his design, construction and project management experience to help assist with the organization’s campus and logistic needs and as a member of the Campus Facilities Committee. He aspires to help guide Morgan Autism Center in its vision for the future.
Jeffrey is a graduate of Architecture from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and is the proud father of two teens, Kennedy (17) and Maverick (16) who both attend Branham High School.

Bay Area Special Needs School Board Greg Finn

Greg Finn


About Greg

Greg Finn has over 35 years of experience in the financial industry, including 14 years as a trust officer, focusing on Special Needs Trusts. He has extensive knowledge regarding estate planning, philanthropic gifts and investment management.

Greg has served as Director of Planned Giving for Mercy Foundation in Sacramento, and as a trust officer for both Union Bank of California, Bank of the West and now Fremont Bank. He is a member of the Estate Planning Councils of East Bay, Diablo Valley, Tri Valley, Peninsula, South Alameda and Santa Clara. In 2009, 2010 and 2011 Greg was a keynote speaker on “Investing for Court Supervised and Non-Supervised Trusts” at the annual PFAC (Professional Fiduciary Association of California) conference.

He has a BSC and MBA in Finance from Santa Clara University and an MS in Operations Research from University of Kent, Canterbury in England. He has three grown children and lives with his wife Karen in Sacramento.

As a result of his years of work experience with special needs trusts, Greg got to know Morgan Autism Center through its parents. The more he learned, the more he wanted to become involved and asked to join the board.

Bay Area Special Needs School Board Greg Finn

Rickey Green


About Rickey

I have been a member of Morgan Autism Center’s Board of Directors since June 2002 and have served as chairman of the Finance Committee since November 2002. I was first introduced to Morgan Autism Center in 2001 while serving as legal counsel for a private foundation that provided financial support of the nonprofit organization’s relocation from Los Altos.

On my very first visit to Morgan Autism Center, I was sold. It was clear from my exposure to the kids, the faculty, the community, and the Morgan Center teachings, that Morgan Autism Center was an incredible place. Although I do not have a child in the program, it was readily evident to me how much the lives of the students were enriched by the individualized and compassionate teachings there.

At the time I first became associated with Morgan Autism Center, I was working as an attorney in private practice, having transitioned from a 5 year career in public accounting (CPA), then pursuing my educational studies in law (JD/LLM) and initially starting my legal career as an associate attorney for a mid-size law firm. Through the years that I have assisted Morgan Autism Center in navigating its growth, I also navigated a career in private law practice as well as an executive in health care. I am currently the CEO of Power Personnel, a healthcare staffing company that my wife, Cynthia Stewart, and I provide strategic leadership for and manage. Power Personnel is distinguished for its reputation for outstanding service delivery and was named as one of the top 100 fastest growing healthcare staffing companies by Staffing Industry Analyst.

As a member of Morgan Autism Center’s Finance Committee, I have had the pleasure of working with fellow committee members Barbara Wright (Board) and Doug Stevens (Business Manager) to assist the center in achieving its financial growth. We all believe the broad community impact that Morgan Autism Center has from its conferences, educational programs, and consulting services about autism to multiple school districts makes it one of the unsung heroes of Silicon Valley. We are all proud to support the charitable mission of the Morgan Autism Center.

Bay Area Special Needs School Board Kevin Herr

Kevin Herr


About Kevin

Kevin joined Morgan Autism Center’s Board of Directors in 2019. Prior to his retirement in 2018, he was a Senior Vice President of Corporate Banking for a regional bank. The large majority of his 37-year banking career was spent at Wells Fargo, where he provided financial services (lending, treasury, investments, international and risk management products) to clients with annual revenues up to $5 billion. While at Wells Fargo, Kevin was the primary banker for eBay, Salesforce, Linear Technology and Barry Swenson Builders.

In addition to for-profit businesses, Kevin has extensive experience working with nonprofits. His former clients include the San Francisco Exploratorium, Fremont Christian School, Esalen Institute and Presidio Knolls School. Kevin aided his clients to acquire or refinance their campuses, expand facilities or move locations. His relationship with Morgan Autism Center precedes joining the board as he provided the financing to acquire its permanent home in Willow Glen.

Kevin holds a Bachelor’s degree from UC Santa Barbara and a MBA from the USC Marshall School of Business.

Bay Area Special Needs School Board Kevin Herr

Nena Montgomery


About Nena

Nena first came to Morgan Autism Center as the parent of a special needs daughter, who was in the school program for 10 years. She joined the Board in 2010 and served as the Board Chair from 2015-2021 and was part of the team that resulted in Morgan Autism Center’s purchasing a permanent site for their campus in San Jose. She has seen first hand the impact that Morgan Autism Center’s programs have on families and is proud to be a part of an organization that has made a difference in so many lives.

Retired now from a career as a professional fundraiser, Nena is involved in her community through volunteering and teaching Pilates. An avid reader and outdoor explorer, she enjoys hiking, swimming and boogie boarding. Nena holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History from George Washington University and an MFA in Dance from Tisch School of the Arts.


Bay Area Special Needs School Board Ted Moorhead

Ted Moorhead


About Ted

Back in 2009 a fellow Rotarian approached Ted about Morgan Autism Center. At that time the organization was looking for additional board members, and Ted was looking to give back to the community. The special needs space quickly gots his attention as he has a daughter with special needs. She is not at Morgan Autism Center, but she receives help from many well intentioned and caring people, just like they deliver. After touring the program and doing his own due diligence, it was very clear that Morgan Autism Center was a leading organization in a growing space; that Ted thought he could help.

Ted’s position and purpose of being on the board is to help focus on the long-term viability of the organization. Ted uses his background at Merrill Lynch as a Senior Vice President of Wealth Management at the Santana Row branch to do so. He is proud to say that the diligent and persistent efforts by faculty in the past are evident in the service Morgan Autism Center provides now. With the forward thinking of fellow board members and the drive of the entire staff, Morgan Autism Center can continue to prosper and be on the leading edge of the continual changing face of Autism.

A special thanks goes out to all the people who give of their time and money, allowing Morgan Autism Center to be successful in what it does!

Bay Area Special Needs School Board Joe Moriarty

Joe Moriarty


About Joe

Joe Moriarty joined the Morgan Autism Center board in 2017 and is an Executive Vice President at CBRE co-leading the Northern California Capital Markets Team.

Joe has a BS in Business from Southern Methodist University and an MBA from the Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania.

Joe has three children, two which have special needs and are former students of Morgan Autism Center.

Bay Area Special Needs School Board Rueben Zarate

Jennifer Young


About Jennifer

Jennifer Young is the mother of Jillian, a Morgan Autism Center student since 2010. After previous failed school placements for her daughter, Jennifer feels very fortunate that Jillian is enrolled in the school program. She appreciates how exceptional the teachers, staff and environment are at Morgan Autism Center.

Jennifer was honored to join Morgan Autism Center’s Board of Directors in 2015. In this capacity, she is also a member of the Communications Committee, which assists with the marketing functions at the school.

“I always look forward to working with the rest of the Board and the campus community to elevate the profile of this remarkable school,” Jennifer says.

In addition to her current role as a board member, Jennifer has previously volunteered for a number of other activities at Morgan Autism Center. She has served as co-chair of Starry Starry Night, Morgan Autism Center’s annual fundraising gala; co-chair of the annual Golf Classic; and a member of the Development Committee.

Jennifer’s professional career has included a variety of roles within media, creative, marketing, global advertising and research. She is currently a Marketing & Brand Strategy Consultant, advising C-Level and senior executives brand positioning, go-to-market media strategy, marketing effectiveness, and revenue growth opportunities.

When she’s not working, Jennifer enjoys outdoor sports (especially when she can include Jillian), entertaining, and spending time with family and friends.

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