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Thank You to Our Generous Supporters

Morgan Autism Center would like to thank the many individuals and businesses who have contributed to furthering our mission of helping children and adults with autism or other developmental disability maximize their potential.

Morgan Autism Center’s Virtual Starry Starry Night Fundraising Gala

Thank you to this year’s generous sponsors:

Star One Credit Union - sponsor of comprehensive autism center in Bay Area
Technology Credit Union - sponsor of comprehensive autism center in Bay Area
Wilson Sonsini Foundation - sponsor of comprehensive autism center in Bay Area

Morgan Autism Center’s 1st Annual Move-a-thon 2020 Sponsors

Ahmed and Ghazala Sadiq, Alan and Beverly Lewis, Arlyn Jahde, Avison Young, Christina Bauer, Dan Schaaf and Terry Marks, DJ Marcie Turner, Eric Stark Interiors Inc, Hong Zhang and Qin Zhou, Ivan Khoshnevis and Mehrnaz Tajaddod, Jared and Ally Ajlouny, Jim and Pat Schaaf, John and Alice Davis, Law Offices of Braid Pezzaglia, Mitch and Daren Tuchman, Reid and Jan Eggebraaten, Richard and Colleen Hauck, Rosemary Harper, Steven and Christina Wilder, Sue Swezey, Tato and Sheryl Munoz-Bergman, Todd Collins and Elisabeth Einaudi, and Vicky Hall.

Supporters of the Morgan Autism Center
Fundraising gala for Bay Area Comprehensive Autism School

Move-a-thon 2020 Donors

Adam Purkiss
Agape Wagner
Al and Mabel Iriberri
Albert and Anna Wang
Alex Flury
Alex Walkingshaw and Mallory Stevens
Alexandra Wallenstein
Alexis Pontikis
Alison Bott
Alyssa Byrkit
Ana Lucia de Faria
Andy and Sally McDowall
Anees Siddiqee
Anita Wilson
Ann and Anthony O’Hagan
Ann Stashak-Melton
Anna Davis
Anne Lewis
Aunna Mazzanti
Barbara Angelo
Ben Lewis
Bob O’Hagan
Brad Boardman and Florence Fuller
Brad Davenport
Brandon Hall
Brenden Mendez
Bruce and Andrea Neff
Carissa Zavada
Carmen Mendoza
Carmen Rose
Carolyn Meehan
Caterina Congigliani
Cathy Ann Vreeburg
Celia Scheuerman
Chantel Davis
Christina Flores
Chu Chu and Marie Villareal
Cindy Bapsiste
Cindy Nielsen
Claudia and Daniel Archondo
Claudia Mae Lawrence
Colin Cartmillendow
Colleen Wilson
Crodoni Family
Cynthia Galt
Dan and Janice Fowler
Darcella Higares
Dave and Anne Peterson
David and Linda Castillo
David Muhlitner and Peggy Kilduff
Daybeth Cordoba
Debbie Gudis
Deepika Brito
Deniece Clay
Diane Colvin
Dima and Ruthie Spivak
Eaton Hall Architecture
Eddie Park
Edna Asquith
Edward and Kelli Land
Elina Khoshnevis
Elizabet Stow
Elizete Lemes
Emi Mason
Erik Feldman
Esperanza Maulawin
Fergus and Norma Patterson
Gary Fusco
Geoffrey and Sally Hird
Gigu George
Gloria Hermosillo
Gregory Miller
Haley Sepulveda
Hari Shreedharan


Heather McClimans and Warren Collier
Helen Ray
Iris Adayan
Isela Lopez
James Canizales
James Sullivan
Jan and Robert Coglman
Janet Wolk
Jayne Malhi
Jed Hastings
Jen Wheelock
Jennifer Johnson
Jim and Pat Schaaf
Jo McClimans
Joe and Christy Purnell
Joe and Lisa Moriarty
Joel and Jennifer O’Driscoll
Joel Cedano
John Ruemker
John Sargent and Jenn Winthers
Jon Meyer
Jonnetta Quesada
Jose Cedano
Josie Fisser
Judi Campbell and Lyn Meehan
Julie Bidwell
Julie Lallemand
Julie Priest
Karen Haberstock
Karen Mathews Radau
Karen Walker
Karl and Vanessa Simon
Kasia McAardle
Kate O’Hagan
Katie Quinn
Kay Rigley
Ken and Bonnie Feltrop
Ken Wong
Kendra Comstock
Kevin and Theresa Oller
Kimberly Bianco
Krystle Wright and Flor Maramag
Laura Braun
Laura Murphy
Lauren Sopjes
Leah Gilmore
Lenny and Margie Pfister
Leonne Thatcher
Lianna Bagarino
Linda Lightfoot
Linda Nichols
Linda Sigl
Lisa Alonso
Lisa O’Hagan
Lorraine Wilson
Louise J. Horenstein
Marcie Neilson
Margaret Conlin
Margaret Tritton
Margo Flores
Maria Olson
Maria Orlova
Marian Aiken
Marina Kipnis
Mark and Julia Nielsen
Mary and Michael Schymeinsky
Mary Beth Murphy
Mary Peterson
Matt Lacey
Mauteen Danzot
Michael and Donna Ingoglia
Michael and Rosalind Bergman
Michael Carley
Michael Leach

Michael Perlsweig
Michelle Flury
Michelle Maranowski
Mike  Sellers
Miranda Leal
Misti Walty
Moira Wilmes
Nena Montgomery and Michael Edson
Nichole Dotson
Nick Caserta
Nickie Thomson
Nicole Cormier
Nirupa Patel
Omar Gutierrez
Pamela Gardner
Pat and Karen Patterson
Patricia and Bill Blair
Patricia Borges
Patrick Connelly
Paul and Sun Garcia
Paula Harris
Paula Matos
Paula Mortensen
Peninsula Associates Speech Therapy Services Inc.
Raul and Mercy Sermeno
Rich and JoEllen Turner
Richard and Annabelle Varney
Richard Molano
Richard Villanueva
Rick and Seiko Asamoto
Rob and Emilie Quihuis
Robert Bianco
Robert Stephens
Rod and Shannon Geoghegan
RoseAnn Griffin
Roxanne Stevens
Sabrina Lindsay Poor
Sally Spencer
Sarah Velez
Seema Khanna
Shari Toldi-Shaver
Sildemi Matos
Simone Sarmet
Sophia Bartholomew
Steve and Barbara Donato
Steve Wilson
Steven Patt
Sue Taylor
Sueling Garcia
Susan Bell
Susan Meehan
Susie Thompson
Sylvia Meraz
Tammy Wiedmann
Taylor Cartmill
Taylor Slattery
Teresa Chin
Thao Nguyen
Thomas McNamee
Tiffany Gonzalez
Tiffany Maciel
Tiffany Trevers
Tim and Julie Smith
Tom Trinko
Tori Guevara
Tracy Schrayer
Vanessa Flores
Vanessa Rubio
Veronica Guerrero
Victor Nee
Wendy Guttman
William Garner and Robin Flury
Yolanda Murillo-Perez
Yvonne Carreon
Zaynah Sadiq

Supporters of Bay Area Comprehensive Autism School

What Our Supporters Say

“I wish people could see the level of sacrifice the teachers, facilitators and staff members take on not only to complete their day to day work but to go above and beyond for their students! I was amazed and blown away by the strength of the MAC community and the investment they were willing to make for the increased mission of play!”

Grace Moore- Former KaBOOM! Project Manager

What Our Supporters Say

“The Morgan Autism Center is exactly the sort of program our country should be investing in — it is rooted in community engagement, and it improves the lives of many citizens across the Bay Area.”

Ro Khanna, politician

What Our Supporters Say

“Star One could not be more satisfied and confident knowing that our gifts positively impact Morgan Autism Center and the community that we do business in.”

Brian Ross, EVP Finance & Administration & Community Involvement Committee Chairman with Star One Credit Union

What Our Supporters Say

“Morgan Autism Center is recognized as a leading organization that enhances the lives of individuals with autism. Through their remarkable programs, individuals thrive and consistently meet developmental goals in an environment or support and joy.”

Suzanne Sikora, Account Director of Williams Lea’s San Francisco location

What Our Supporters Say

“The classrooms are an incredible place of learning. Each classroom is designed to assist the students in developing the skills needed to succeed. … I can only marvel at the accomplishments of the Morgan Autism Center and look forward to visiting again next year.”

Kathy Musser, Loma Prieta Region of the Porsche Club of America

What Our Supporters Say

“During our site visit we saw how the staff genuinely cared for the students. They really do a lot for their families.”

Kirsty Duncan, broker at Sereno Group Willow Glen

Morgan Autism Center logo mark

We Are Grateful For Our Community Supporters

Technology Credit Union - sponsor of comprehensive autism center in Bay Area
Freemont Bank - sponsor of comprehensive autism center in Bay Area
Crowne Plaza - sponsor of comprehensive autism center in Bay Area
Peninsula Associates - sponsor of comprehensive autism center in Bay Area
Wilson Sonsini Foundation - sponsor of comprehensive autism center in Bay Area
Star One Credit Union - sponsor of comprehensive autism center in Bay Area
Morgan Autism Center comprehensive autism education sponsor
Morgan Autism Center comprehensive autism education sponsor Avison Young
Eric Stark Interiors - sponsor of comprehensive autism center in Bay Area
Law Officse of Braid Pezzaglia - sponsor of comprehensive autism center in Bay Area
Law Officse of Braid Pezzaglia - sponsor of comprehensive autism center in Bay Area

We are so grateful for your support during these unprecedented times. Click here to view our list of
in-kind and individual donors.

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