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Why Should You Work at
Morgan Autism Center?

Morgan Autism Center is the premier provider of services to individuals with autism in the Bay Area. Our unique programming approach and exceptional culture have allowed us to serve individuals with autism with excellence for over 50 years. For employees, we offer top compensation, an exceptional work culture, and a chance to learn and grow throughout your career.

What are the benefits of working at MAC?

Top Compensation:

Among our peers in the Bay Area, we provide the top pay for our teachers, aides and skills trainers. In addition, we offer extensive benefits (health, dental, vision) for every full-time individual who works for us. In addition to our pay, we also offer a number of other benefits including vacation and PTO, retirement plans and contributions, life and long-term disability insurance, as well as generous tuition reimbursement.

Exceptional Culture:

We have an exceptional culture at Morgan Autism Center based on deep empathy and love for each other and those we serve. We believe that how we treat each other is how we treat our students and clients. As a result, our exceptional culture leads to our strong retention of staff, outstanding service to our students and clients, delighted parents, and thereby our well-known reputation for excellence. Please see the linked videos to hear directly from our staff about why they work here at the Morgan Autism Center.

Learn and Grow:

Working at Morgan Autism Center is a chance to learn our unique programming approach which incorporates best practices for serving individuals with autism. We have a structured training program to support employees to learn the Morgan Center way. In addition to learning how we serve individuals with autism, employees have a chance to grow with us throughout their career. Almost all of our current teachers began with us as instructional aides and many of our employees have been with us for multiple years. We have a highly structured program for promotion for our instructional aides in our school program and our skills trainers in our adult program. In addition, we provide generous tuition reimbursement for our staff to become teachers.

Empowering Individuals, Building a Brighter Future

Welcome to Morgan Autism Center! We are dedicated to empowering children and adults with autism or other developmental disabilities. Join our compassionate team and make a meaningful impact in a supportive, dignified, positive, inclusive and loving environment. Explore our career opportunities and be part of a community that nurtures growth and unlocks potential.

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Morgan Autism Center is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to equal opportunity without regard to race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, citizenship, disability or any other basis of discrimination prohibited by applicable local, state or federal law.

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Morgan Autism Center’s mission is to help children and adults with autism or other developmental disabilities maximize their potential in a dignified, positive and loving environment.

More Videos

Check out what our amazing staff have to say out of Morgan Autism Center. In these videos they explain why they love working here and what their favorite thing about working at MAC is.


“What I love most about working at Morgan Autism Center is the community. My colleagues are the most caring individuals I have ever met and our students, clients and their families are such incredible and inspiring human beings. It’s a pleasure coming to work every day!”

Lisa L.

“Morgan Center is a joyful place. We come from a place of joy and positivity, both when we welcome new staff and also when we work with our students and clients. We find humor in the tough moments while we lean on each other for support and we celebrate any step forward for our students/clients, no matter how small it might seem to someone outside looking in. Morgan Center is a place where everyone is welcome and not only that, everyone from top to bottom is celebrated.”


“MAC, out of all the places I’ve worked, has a program that gives you training which teaches you to successfully teach the kids and they will learn. And they hire good quality people.”

John R.

“I love the students and coming to work every day to work with them.”


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