Community Integration Program Director Flo Fuller and adult client Brian H. remember July 5, 1994 like it was yesterday.
It was then the two started their first day at Morgan Autism Center — one as an employee and the other as a 10-year-old student — joining in Room 2 at the former Covington Elementary School site.

Brian and Flo“What do you remember about our first day at Morgan Center?” Flo asked during an interview with Brian as part of their 20th anniversary celebration in July.
“I liked it right away,” Brian responded, before sharing the many activities he recalled. “I liked making lunch every Wednesday in Room 2. … I liked it every Wednesday and I wanted to keep it forever.”
He continued: “You used to get me off the bus.  … You were nice and sweet and kind and would take me recycling and to the bookstore.  She used to babysit me when my parents went out and I did not want to go.”
Brian then asked Flo to recall their start together. “What do you remember of when we first met?” Brian asked.
Flo responded: “I remember meeting you. … You were a really cute and curious boy. You were really talkative. You used to love swinging really high on the swings at recess, singing at the top of your lungs songs like ‘What’s Going On’ and ‘Amazing Grace.’ You were really into Safeways and the layouts of different stores.”
She continued: “You used to find it interesting how the staff drank different coffees, like cappuccinos and lattes.  And you decided to create your own drink, the Foxaccino! Do you remember this?”
Brian responded: “Yes. It was orange like a fox. For my birthday the staff got me one and brought it back to the classroom and I drank it there!”
Both Brian and Flo still work together 20 years later, instead in the Adult Program at Morgan Autism Center, now located in the Rose Garden district of San Jose.
“Can you believe it has been 20 years already?” Flo asks.
Brian responds simply: “Yes.  It’s a good thing.”