Heading Back to School
After over a year of Distance Learning, we were happy to have our students return to campus this month. Room 1 student, Nicholas, had a sweet send off by his friends as he headed to the bus for his first day back at school. Our students and staff were excited to get back into the swing of things.

Gardening Fun
One of our favorite activities at Morgan Autism Center is gardening. Room 4 has been working hard in the garden this past month. They planted corn that they grew from seeds, as well as beautiful marigolds. Staff and parents have also been helping out in the garden. They’ve been taking care of the weeds and keeping the planters filled with soil. We can’t wait to see what grows and harvesting all of the healthy and yummy foods!

Student watering the garden near their classroom.

Starry Starry Night’s Live Auction Artists
This year, Morgan Autism Center’s annual Starry Starry Night Fundraiser was held virtually. Even though we couldn’t be together in person, our attendees still got to see incredible artwork created by our Live Auction artists –  Hayden, Mishal, and Kolya – and learn more about them.

Hayden is a student in our School Program who has been with MAC for 12 years. His beautiful and bright painting is called “Spring Garden.” Mishal and Kolya are both clients in the Adult Program. Mishal has been with MAC since 2002, and loves all things Disney. Her animated painting is called “Bunny Hop.” Kolya has been with Morgan Autism Center since 1999 and he loves to study and draw architecture. He often can draw things he has seen simply by memory. His painting for this year’s live auction is called “Tunnel.”

If you missed this year’s Starry Starry Night, you can still check it out by clicking HERE.

Student with his art at Starry Starry Night Starry Starry Night client artist, Mishal. Adult client with his art at Starry Starry Night

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