In mid-September, we started our visits for the new school year. This first visit of the year gives us thIMG_3390e chance to meet and get acquainted with the new seventh graders. After our introductions, Ms. Sinclair showed everyone which bushes could be trimmed. Everyone grabbed a pair of clippers and started to work on the bushes. One of the seventh graders helped Julian and Boris with some of the more difficult to cut branches. We also plucked leaves from the delicious smelling lemon verbena plant. Our hard work was rewarded with a freshly made snack of salad in a wrap made by the students of Waldorf. All but one adult in our group tried and loved it.

Ms. Sinclair is passionate about her work and also about our partnership. She believes that, because Waldorf is a small school it is beneficial for her students to interact with community members outside of the school. By working together, this partnership can lead to meaningful learning and understanding in regard to both practical skills and differences. Our clients agree! Morgan Autism Center clients have a real sense of purpose at Waldorf. They know the garden, get to make new friends and relish learning from Ms. Sinclair and the Waldorf students. It is also a chance to shine. On this first visit, one of the more seasoned adult clients enjoyed showing the new Waldorf sixth grade students how to work in the garden. Thank you Waldorf students and Ms. Sinclair for this amazing opportunity. We look forward to another great year, filled with lots of gardening.